Top 5 ways to prevent childhood obesity


Does your child have obesity, or do they eat a lot? If yes, you must know that childhood obesity is growing day by day. Furthermore, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that every 1 out of 5 school-age children suffered from obesity in 2016. Also, according to CDC, about 14.4 million adolescents and children were obese in 2018.

In addition, the prevalence of childhood obesity is most among Hispanic children and least among Asian children. However, the condition is moderately prevalent among Black and White kids.

Moreover, children who have heavyweight develop more severe health issues after reaching adolescence. In addition, childhood obesity further leads to eating disorders, negative self-image, and poor immunity in adolescents.

That’s why parents must take necessary precautions against childhood obesity. But the latter requires strict action. So, let’s find out the best solution together.

Does obesity cause harm to your child’s health?

First, you need to understand how childhood obesity affects your kid’s health? So, you can plan better strategies to prevent this condition. Moreover, the constant habit of binge eating causes many physiological health problems such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels within kids. Also, childhood obesity triggers glucose and insulin intolerance, diabetes in your child.

Furthermore, obesity in young ones can lead to respiratory disorders such as asthma and sleep apnea. And this condition can also create a bad influence on your child’s psychology, and he might develop low self-esteem and addictive behavior towards food.

1)     Change your child’s eating habits

The main aggravating factor behind your child’s obesity is unhealthy eating habits. The latter can be due to bulimia nervosa, an eating disorder in which a person eats excessively. To stop bad eating habits in your kid, regulate their meals properly.

In other words, add healthy food such as fruits, veggies, white meat, and whole grains to your children’s meals. Moreover, you should limit their fat and sugar intake. Also, if your kid sticks to their diet plan properly, reward them with their favorite dish at the end of the week. But remember to cook their favorite food using organic and fresh ingredients.


2)     Give more hydration to your child

Your kid must drink at least 3 liters of water in a day. If your children are not taking enough water, give them fresh fruits and juices without sugar to complete their daily water requirements.

Furthermore, drinking more liquids prevents your child obesity as after having water, their stomach will be full and can’t contain more food. Also, their appetite will be gone, and they won’t be having any junk and unhealthy snacks.


3)     Get your child to work out or exercise more often

If your child stays at home doing nothing or likes to sit for long hours, then your kid has a sedentary lifestyle. The latter increases the risk of obesity in childhood. That’s why you must pull your children towards physical fitness and sports activity.

Always start with the basics, take your child for the walk, or support them to take part in the outdoor activities. However, some kids don’t like to spend time outside. To get them into the sports, observe them and see what’s kind of video games they want to play.

For instance, if your kids enjoy playing online badminton games, then they might show interest in playing badminton outdoor. Also, engage your child in competitions and fun physical exercises such as dancing and recreational games to minimize their weight. Do monitor your child’s weight regularly.


4)     Limit your child’s screen time

Children of our era want the latest gadgets and online video games to get out of boredom. However, many kids indulge in these games and stick to the screen for hours. Even online gaming addiction is getting common for school-going children and teenagers.

Moreover, kids enjoy eating fast foods and taking fizzy drinks while playing video games. That’s why the latter causes childhood obesity in many regions.

As a parent, it’s your foremost responsibility to limit your child’s screen time. Furthermore, you also need to evaluate what’s game your child is playing and why? Try to give some hours daily to your child for playing video games. And with every passing day, decrease their screen time.

Your goal must be to encourage your kid to play outside and spend a maximum of 30 mins to 60 mins on online gaming. Also, tell your child about the health hazards of video gaming to change their behavior.

5)     Teach your child about single serving size

One of the critical reasons behind obesity is about intaking food beyond body requirements. And the same practice is followed by kids having childhood obesity. Therefore, parents must teach their children about serving sizes, especially single portion sizes.

The latter can be beneficial against overeating because eating a snack-size pack of potato chips or having a mini burger can’t increase your child’s weight significantly. However, taking food for three kids instead of one boosts your weight drastically.

Although, single-serving sizes vary according to the type of food. For instance, one bread slice or 3 ounces of white meat counts as a single serving. However, you must search your child’s food single serving before giving them to eat. Moreover, resisting your kids from consuming excessive sweets and unhealthy snacks prevents childhood obesity.

The Bottom Line

Childhood obesity triggers many physical and psychological disorders. Furthermore, it can put your kids’ health at stake. It is imperative to prevent obesity in children as soon as possible to save their physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Therefore, you should implement the practices and tips discussed above to improve your child’s lifestyle against obesity and overweight.


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